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Well let’s get something clear before we move forward. I am not born in the US, but I grew up here most of my life. People tend to be bias and make prejudgments based on people’s nationality. That’s why I don’t feel comfortable to say where I am from, Truly I don’t find it relevant to knowledge and life. I grew in a country that I miss, but don’t wish to live there. Is a weird feeling, that only a person that been there can understand. I grew up with both my parents, mostly my mom which she was very hardworking. My dad always had issues with distractions, so when I was a kid he came in and out of my life. I also have a sister a year younger then me, very smart in her own way. I grew up in a town that had less then 100 people, and at the time only had 3 channels on tv. Dust roads and very few people had cars, to american standards ” the colonial times”. My mom was very different compared to moms that I see now days, the mom role has become more of a feminist thing then anything. I know that’s wrong to say, but don’t get me wrong with “feminist” comment ill explained later my stand on that. She will wake up early make us breakfast and lunch for school from scratch. My dad would come to the US to work for long periods of time, and send money back. The thing about the dollar is that is worth more then must currencies in this world. Man like my dad would make the journey to this country to send money back, so we could survive. My dad left us and did not hear from him for about 2 years.

My mom having that drive that we all know her for, decided to take matters into her own hands. She grew up in a family that  believes work is how you survive, and that only the weak and lazy don’t make it. She would make food, drinks and sell fuller ( another version of Avon). Now when selling fuller in such a small town with no cars, well walking was the only way to get around. I believe she walked that town everyday, selling products and offering new products. As we say it ” hustlin”, I hear people say that and I laugh. People say they “hustle” when they have a nice job or get paid a very good wage for almost no work. In my life experience “hustle” has been a word that start from the bottom or literally have no chance at the future but still make it happen. I remember she would do that, while me and my sister would be at school. When she got back she would make what we call “yukis”, is a sweet drink that is frozen in a plastic bag. You would buy it and then rip one tip at the bottom of the bag, and sip on it while walking back home. Selling those for less than a dime a bag, she would make around 10 dollars a week.

She never allowed us to skip a meal, from very young she learn traditional recipes. I was a poor but very happy boy, she cooked all the food from scratch. But not all times where happy times, I remember the many times a father figure or husband was needed. Thats one of the reasons why I am, the way I am. My whole life saw my life through my moms eyes. Growing up with my mom, grandma and aunt I saw how women are kept and taught to follow rules man weren’t. Many times that has been a hinder to survive and also a flaw on my character. I saw a women on my country how they struggle just to survive, because men are in the USA working. I believe only 1 out of 15 husbands actually send money back to their families. Once the man would make it over here, they fall under the temptation and also the great things about america. Like fast food, alcohol and also women, you see in my country sex is very private. Here in the USA I have enjoyed that liberalism of sex, and it has actually help me grow to be a better me. But for people that had not grown up in this country is a disabler, like my dad.



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