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Well this is my first blog. I have never had one before, but I find the need to share life experiences and also many situations I find interesting. I hope to have input from many peoples point of view. One thing I love about this country is its freedom of speech and also the way we can communicate. Constructive criticism is a great tool to grow not just as a person but also as a individual in this society. I have grown quite a bit since my humble beginnings, but we can talk about that some other time. Right, now the first thing I want to talk about is life. What is life? …… do we really find the meaning of life in the existence we have here on earth?. In the little time I have been here I have realized that many people see having things as life. I have experience what it is having that mentality, and the psychological effects of it. there is nothing wrong with stuff, is more of how we view this accomplishments. Everybody likes things, but should not they dictate what life means to us. I have had quite of few jobs to say the least, but in many of them I meet this one person. The person that works two jobs and over time all the time to maintain their life style. The questions is why? At the end of the day we work to succeed but when succeeding becomes the only goal, we lose the taste of life. I have met many individuals that have spent their whole life working and have life pass them by. At the end of your journey, what you have appreciated is the satisfactions you will get out of living. When I was younger and immature, I believed living was about having things. Such things were money, attention and also brand new items. I have spend quite a bit of time apologizing for all the pain and headache I have caused. My family, specially my wife has helped me grow but has also helped me understand what living means. At this time in life a sunset with my wife or good friends means a lot to me. The chance to watch my children grow, smile and learn is the most filling accomplishment in my life. I understand that money still controls this world and I work to make money and to be successful. The main goal of my life has changed, now I live to enjoy a good conversation, or a joke and definitely a good cup of coffee. We should search for what life truly is, never quit on the search of life and living. Till next time guys, Have an amazing day.